Open Source for Business Conference


Can you deploy a complete open source solution inclusive of operating systems, networking, security, OA, content management systems, document management systems, work-flow, and other applications in your office, whether you are an SMI/SME, MNC, or major corporation? Yes, open source is now ready for critical business functions.

This Open Source for Business Conference is targeted at end-users who are interested in adopting the open source technology including OS, applications and tools for incorporation into their business requirements.

This conference is also open to others who are interested in knowing more about adopting open source technology.

In conjunction with this conference, we are organizing several workshops. The objective of these workshops is to provide end users sufficient in-depth knowledge in deploying and using open source technology in their business management and operations .The workshops will incorporate  hands-on sessions so that end-users could have a  real-life experiencing open source technology. The conference and workshop will also give invaluable opportunity for participants to network with service providers and various open source communities in various technology arenas. These services providers provides services such as implementation, support, maintenance, consulting and training whenever required.

Yes, open source is now ready for critical business functions.
Event Objective

OSBizConference is an event to showcase the deployment of a complete open source solution for your business.

The open source has come a long way. It has matured from a hobbyists’ approach to developing and sharing software into main stream business applications while still maintaining the essence of the original philosophy of collaboration, sharing and the concept of FREE USAGE. However, its full potential is yet to be tapped. This is largely due to inadequate awareness and promotion to a wider audience.

The primary objective of this event is to further enhance the awareness on the availability of open source solutions for business applications as well as encourage more developers and implementers to dwell in open source confidently.

Scope of the Event

The event will include conference, workshops and exhibition/showcase by sponsors.

 Participants will also be exposed to various aspects of open source including, readily available open source software development tools, databases, web tools, operating systems, administration systems tools as well as ready-to-use business application software for a variety of domains. Open source approach is not confined to software alone. Hardware components  such as IP-based communication devices, are now more extensively available today. Experts in this field will be sharing their experiences on developing and deploying more robust and reliable open source solutions to meet customers' requirement. There will also be discussions on standards and guidelines for open source development approach.